Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Holocaust Still

Give At to

"You Cannot Kill My Soul!" Voice Of The Martyrs,

What If I Find Ten Righteous Men? Father Abraham, Sodom 12/28/2014

-What does end time biblical prophecy say about all of this? While the US was haunting down Saddam along the mountains and caves of Iraq, that everyone was in alarm regarding an Islamic take over. Well the Holy Spirit was admonishing these same people not to fret themselves, a Hussein would one day Father this Nation, the United States, and it was all according to biblical prophecy.
-This apostle predicted a Hussein Whitehouse because of what the Ancient of Days hath set forth for these times of the end. Truly, it didn't matter I'd been in dreams where I witnessed a world outcry for a Hussein to reign. I paid this little attention seeing the only Hussein I knew, was about to be hung by the neck until dead. Apparently it was the Holy Spirit’s way of forewarning us according to what is in man's heart that despite the various forms of Holocaust the free world had and would further bring upon the world, once again they'd chosen death that they temporarily live, making of themselves this holocaust still.
-I’m reminded of Egypt’s Pharaohs where all they surveyed was forged in blood, not just the blood of animals and what they killed to eat. It was the blood of man, it was the blood of God men, of human flesh and toll, whose every cry the Creator God did know, they’d made a holocaust of so many souls. Though now the worse curse ever, these powerful lands would see, the worse ever to perform this horrid Blood’s Plea.
-Ah to spill from his own loins, right from his own tongue, a day of reckoning had surely now begun. I’ve seen this grim reaper in the midst of stampeding hordes, the more they fled, the more he was there upon, he slew them so easily, not covered in Lamb’s Blood. For certain, the Ancient of Days Hath declared it, upon this Holy Man, upon this Woman Seed’s Son, you’re to make no never mind, all now is placed upon The Woman’s Sunshine! They say the Lord seeth us not, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM,,

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