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Ten Righteous Men!

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"You Cannot Kill My Soul!" Voice Of The Martyrs,

What If I Find Ten Righteous Men? Father Abraham, Sodom 12/27/2014

-I just now struggled through dreams at bearing a night that is come, there was a time this night simply represented the betrayal of a world that we, mankind is born into and Jesus, God’s formation, founding potentate of a blood redeemer for mankind the indescribable light. That lightening not just the blacken abyss of a world again mankind is to inherit as its blood lineage, but the unbeknown heavens far above and beyond. I’ve seen this unspeakkable even unbearable place, I’ve withstood the precipice thereof pouring from me this unknown tongue lamenting across the earth thereof.
-I keep hearing Alex Jones announcing the scripture how God’s people perish because of a lack of knowledge, not reaizing this was actually before Christ, now that Christ has come and fulfilled the Woman’s Seed Prophecy, they giving birth to the now Church Bride. Well, sincerely, this darkness is rather the Apostle Paul citing how there was a time God winked at our ignorance (being bond by the law’s of men), but now commands all men everywhere to repent (who Christ set free is free indeed). Its Jesus sadly, brokenheartedly descrying how light, this divinity of a breakthrough of vast mental to heart bewilderment, again hath come, but men love, worship darkness (sin’s nature) for their deeds, their actual intents (hearts) are evil.
-That mean the darkness that most men wallow in to pleasures, treasures and abominations inconceivable is actually something graver and a lot more frightening than a midnight, even a nightmarish dream that will not end which is, now say this with me, disobedience. Your people Alex Jones are perishing not because they’re ignorant, God know the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been preach into every corner and crevice of this planet for some 2000 years now. That’s spreading itself far and wide to a people who will not, this was the Prophet’s Ezekiel’s Lamentation of a Messenger unto death doeth part to a people who simply would not.
-That whether they would hear, or whether they would forbear, for the people he was sent to. Those down to the wire of end time desolations of a people’s rebellion, even losing his wife, as a demonstration, to the prudent at heart, regarding an inconceivable lost, but they would not, but they would not, but they would not! My God can’t you hear it? I can hear Father Abraham just as clear as day, what if I can find 100 righteous souls, fifty, even father ten, would you, would you, would you spare Sodom city then?
-Now here I am some 2,500 years to the exact year of this outstanding bearer,(Ezekiel)of men souls and they were all the same, nothing about their hearts had changed. They were still a people who simply would not, this crying aloud, this sparing not, blessed are the peacemakers, for like there Christ, there’s alone is the Kingdom of God’s Throne.
-Ah, if they’d told me from the beginning would I have said send me, if they’d described mankind’s stoniness and stiffness of heart, mind and eventually the soul, for the soul that sin perisheth, would I have said I will go. If there’d been a light in my mind, showing me how impossible this task, how useless this ceaseless out cry, mankind so self-involved, with immortal souls intact.
-People adamant about assembly know something isn't right, they just hope even pointlessly, God somehow will be satisfied. They heard the Christ Lord lament I don't you know your sins remain, your prayers and your worship are all in vain, though truly, he's not talking to them. Look at how they labor for the pit, before these masterminds and soul slayers they sit, look at how they task and toil, it's has to be worth something oh how they've sown. Return to me is the Blessed Savior Plea, come unto me all who labor and toil, come unto me, I've come to see you home. So many hear Him no more, capture as slaves to a dream their eyes and ears this torn, they're to speak no evil, even that Jesus Christ is the One, this Blessed Redeemer, once nailed to a cross doeth mourn.
-Clearly somebody has to do it Hallow Godfather in Heaven, be still this ceaseless cry, send me, please God send me, send me, I won’t let them die! There is nothing like this night, this blacken abyss of mind, clawing to shreds the souls ever last, this abrupt landing upon, consuming all existing to man, like in a flash no more sunshine. Now to sit and wait, just another chance at daybreak, now to sit and watch, wondering who’s at fault, even your eyes are now this blacken with spills sorrows, this relentless cry, knowing even black is tomorrow. Right there, surrounded by all that you treasure, all that you can reach out to feel, this now your guided tour, an open revolt of God’s Will. I don’t know what else to tell you once ignorance is no more, only this spreading like wildfire development of a romantic story, this Romeo and Juliet of how not to seek, to obey God, though His Name alone is Jesus, in case of this dawn, in case of this sudden twilight of the heart. Beware. Apb, The RAM

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